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When it comes to varietals and wine, deep down inside I reckon each one of us has a favorite; Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon is undoubtedly mine. It is as unique and distinctive as the more famous Shiraz, But for me, there is so much more going on. The flavour spectrum encompasses an absolute treasure box of liquorice, red and black summer berries, anise fennel spice box and chocolate. In my (biased) opinion, few things can match the poise of full flight Barossa Cabernet...

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Single vineyard wine from the ‘Horse Paddock’ and House on the Hill blocks on our Stelzer Road Vineyard .
Total production 2400 bottles
384 Re Released June 2020


Rich and deep red with a brooding dark core


Great Barossa Cabernet varietals - Piercing red berry and black currant over dark chocolate, liquorice savory leather and cedar notes. Plenty of fragrant dark fruits.


Vibrant cassis and savory strap liquorice. Rich mid palate with gentle warmth and fine elegant tannins. Great length with a slathering of rich lingering chocolate flavours coating the mouth


Life is a constantly evolving stew of possibility. For so many years of her life, Georgie 'knew' exactly where her life was headed with a focus and single minded determination that even I envied. In the last year of so, Georgie finally realized and admitted to herself that she was no longer heading down the right path for her. The angst that goes along with letting go of a dream that you've held for most of your life is pretty terrible as a parent to watch. My Georgie has really struggled to come to terms with suddenly being a 'direction less teenager'. To be honest I can see that it has really hurt her on a deep level. I can only be there for her and offer understanding, love and a boot up the arse when she wallows a little too much in self pity (which isn't very often thankfully). I reckon one of the hardest things is that I don't think Georgie actually sees how much her decision to walk away from ballet has really hurt her. On the upside though, Georgie continues to grow into delightful young woman who's confident and caring nature will always hold her in good stead. I love her very much and while still waiting to see where her next ladle from the stew of life will take her, I have no doubt that it will be a fun ride.

2010 was an absolutely cracking vintage! The hallmark of this year is a brightness of fruit, intensity of flavour and firmness of tannin that is bloody fantastic. The fruit for the 2010 Georgie's Walk was 60% sourced from our 'House on the Hill' and 'Horse Paddock' Vineyards here in Stonewell and 40% from my brother Phil's Central Range Vineyard in Eden Valley. I hand made 13 small open ferments ranging in size from 550Kg to 750Kg. Each batch was hand plunged three times a day during ferment before being basket pressed after a total of 25-32 days on skins. The wine was filled with full lees to a mix of new and seasoned American oak with a sprinkle of seasoned French oak for 36 months maturation. In 2020, 384 bottles have been re-released of the the Cellar Release 2010 Georgie’s Walk Cabernet Sauvignon. Team david Franz have as always finished the bottle with the hand printed love we would never let it leave home without.

Enjoy and Cheers!