2017 dam block Shiraz Grenache

The 2017 dam Block Shiraz Grenache is a Single Vineyard, Co-Fermented Red Blend we've snuck out just for the Schnarbling Pleasure of the punters at Cellardoor and the Woke enjoy at home 'utilizers' of our Website.

Six Bottle Case $210 | Dozen Price $399


415kg dam block Shiraz and 235kg dam block Grenache grown on Bay of Biscay Clay and co-fermented to awesomeness


Deep rich crimson red with a dark central core.


sexy rich red currants and boysenberries, heady lifted black boy rose, spices and caramelised fennel seeds stuck to crackling


Big opulent berries redolent with lifted spicy feminine perfume. A rich pouty, velvety mouth feel and long lingering sensual palate. The tannin's firmly but gently dry the mouth to a heroin thirst for another mad gulp. A big gutsy mouth full that should age beautifully... assuming it doesn't all go down the cherry lane on the day it arrives.


Embrace the Shit-Happens Factor whenever possible!! In 2017 these two little parcels of Shiraz and Grenache suddenly were orphans when the Larrikin Blend wasn't made that year. Grown together on the intense Bay of Bisacay Clay on our dam block, we picked both parcels and co-fermented them in a single fermenter. A couple of years in an old French oak Puncheon and a couple in glass has brought the blend to a very happy point. As there was only 600 bottles made, I decided to release this only to cellar-door and the website.

Sage advice time... Get it In-ya!