2010 Alexander's Reward Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz - Cellar Release

One of the truly great partnerships in the Barossa is the blending of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.  Whatever the proportions and regardless of whether Shiraz or Cabernet is dominant the synergy is unmistakable.

Three Bottle Case $300.00  |  Dozen Price $1140.00

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Shiraz: Picked between 23rd of February and 2nd of March 2010, Cabernet Sauvignon Picked between 4th and 19th of March 2010
Sourced from individual patches of our Stonewell Hill and Stelzer Road Vineyards .
Total production 1200 bottles
192 Re-Released June 2020


Deep dense red with hints of purple lingering around the meniscus.


Spearmint perfume layered over cassis and red currant and summer berries. Lifted vanilla oak blends back and is filled out with the complexity of the spicy French giving an beautifully balanced nose.


The initial richness of the fully raspberry characters are poised against the spearmint menthol over finely balanced against firm oak and fruit Tannins. Good acid against the fruit sweetness, cleanses the mouth for a beautifully balanced palate The middle palate is full of the of the big berry hit of Cabernet supported by the leathery richness of Shiraz. The long palate finishes with the deep bass complexity brought out by extended lees contact.


I love it when the kids go through a leap of consciousness. You know... They're ticking along at a certain level for ages, completely unrepentant and unshakable in their opinions and beliefs; Wiser heads definitely DO NOT prevail under these conditions!
Then one day -BAMMM- Reason is on the table. They can see the bigger picture and negotiation is possible. Alex, my youngest has finally turned this corner. He’s learned the value of not just putting his hands on his hips and screaming NO. He’s also learned to take his mistakes on board and admit when he’s wrong... Well most of the time at least. Like most parents in Australia with a 10 year old we have to restrict his electronic addiction quite firmly, but you know they’re growing up when they set their own limits and then (mindblowingly) actually honor it. So, with Alex we are definitely heading into a much better place. He still talks underwater with a mouth full of marbles and is as stubborn as a mule but best of all he hasn’t lost his love of cuddles and hugs from Mum and Dad!
2010; Whichever way you look at it was a cracking vintage! In every way it was the absolute antithesis of the preceding year, Fruit set across our Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz vineyards, both here at home on our Stelzer Road Block and on The Stonewell Hill block was excellent. What followed was almost textbook ripening conditions giving forth unbelievably bright racy fruit that not only pinged on the vine but looked amazing at every step of its wandering path across the slab. The Cellar Release 2010 Alexander’s Reward Cabernet Shiraz was created from small batch parcels drawn from Sand, Loam and Clay from both our Stone Well Hill and Stelzer Road Vineyards Cabernet and Shiraz vines. Each batch was hand plunged three times a day during ferment before being basket pressed after a total of 18-25 days on skins. The wine was filled with full lees to a mix of old and new American and French Oak for 30 months maturation. In 2020, 192 bottles have been re-released of the the Cellar Release 2010 Alexander’s Reward Cabernet Shiraz as a 10 year old wine, Aged to perfection! Team david Franz have as always finished the bottle with the hand printed love we would never let it leave home without.

Enjoy and Cheers!