2005 'Project Ghost' Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon

One of the truly great partnerships in the Barossa is the blending of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. There’s a strong argument that this is a uniquely Australian innovation but I suspect the French have been slipping a few ‘cross border blends’ together for years... And of course vehemently deny it every time!!

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Picked between March 16th and 25th 2005,
Cabernet Sauvignon:
Picked Between 19th of March and April 4th 2005
Total production 384 bottles
Released July 2018


Bright, yet deep berry red. Hints of brick on the meniscus reflecting years of age.


Spearmint perfume layered over blackcurrant, red currant and summer berries. Lifted vanilla oak blends back and is filled out with the complexity of the spicy French giving an beautifully balanced nose.


The initial richness of the fully raspberry characters are poised against the spearmint menthol over finely balanced against firm oak and fruit Tannins. Good acid against the fruit sweetness, cleanses the mouth for a beautifully balanced palate The middle palate is full of the of the big berry hit of Cabernet supported by the leathery richness of Shiraz. The long palate finishes with the deep bass complexity brought out by extended lees contact.


Whatever the proportions and regardless of whether Shiraz or Cabernet is dominant the synergy is unmistakable. Since the first Cab Shiraz Blend I made in 2002 I’ve crafted a ‘Claret’ each year with a view to capturing the best expression that Barossa Shiraz and Cabernet together can produce. While ultimately the final choice for the Alexander’s Reward has gone to a 25% Cabernet 25% Shiraz ratio, every now and then a contender with a different dominant gene has made it to glass and lurks in the back of the warehouse waiting for its day in the sun.
In 2005, a Shiraz Cabernet blend was pulled together where Shiraz sat firmly in the box seat and Cabernet played the supporting role that 15 years after it was bottled has burst forth from it’s dusty obscurity to blaze its way across the palates of a lucky few. The “Project Ghost” Shiraz Cabernet,
Released in late July 2018 is this delicious wine.
The 2005 Project Ghost, in line with my winemaking philosophy has been bottled unfiltered, unfined & unfuckedwith. My wines are as close to unsullied as possible & as such contain minimal sulfites, are made with minimal intervention, and are completely hipster & vegan friendly... And while I may have a smile on the label and with my conversations, please remember the wine inside is as ‘serious as a heart attack’ and anecdotally if you drink it properly, may just prevent one!