2008 Georgie's Walk Cabernet Sauvignon - Cellar Release

When it comes to varietals and wine, deep down inside I reckon each one of us has a favorite; Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon is undoubtedly mine. It is as unique and distinctive as the more famous Shiraz, But for me, there is so much more going on. The flavour spectrum encompasses an absolute treasure box of liquorice, red and black summer berries, anise fennel spice box and chocolate. In my (biased) opinion, few things can match the poise of full flight Barossa Cabernet...

Three Bottle Case $300.00  |  Dozen Price $1140.00

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Single vineyard wine from the ‘Horse Paddock’ and House on the Hill blocks on our Stelzer Road Vineyard .
Total production 3100 bottles
384 Re Released November 2017


Rich and deep red with a brooding dark core


reat Barossa Cabernet varietals - Piercing red berry and black currant over dark chocolate, liquorice savory leather and cedar notes. Plenty of fragrant dark fruits.


Vibrant cassis and savory strap liquorice. Rich mid palate with gentle warmth and fine elegant tannins. Great length with a slathering of rich lingering chocolate flavours coating the mouth


From a male perspective, females are just plain confusing. I reckon understanding the other half of homo-sapiens is as hard as the “Bordeaux Traditionalists” trying to get their heads around “Barossa Cabernet”! That said however, both the fairer sex and Barossa Cabernet are oh so rewarding when they’re in your life! This is a good thing because Georgie my little girl is no more... she’s been replaced by this strange beast known as the TEENAGE WOMAN! This is perhaps the most potent form of confusing female in existence as so often it masquerades as the little girl that one I knew. All I can say is hooray for dance! I look at those families with directionless young ladies mooching through their lives... being as confusing as all hell... and thank the big guy upstairs that Georgie has actually got her shit together. So while I continue the proud tradition of males everywhere being both confused and delighted by all the ladies in my life, an everlasting balm seems to be kicking back with a Glass of Georgie’s Walk clasped firmly in hand.

The 2008 Cellar Release Georgie's Walk is pure Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon rumbling a throaty ROAR!. Not one whit of consideration has been given towards creating a subtle wine because like all david Franz vinous creations, celebration of both terroir and vintage is queen... which simply means making wine out of the fruit the year serves up. The 2008 epitomises all that is fabulous about Barossa Cabernet. Lashings of dark chocolate poured liberally over buckets of blue and black summer fruits held taunt by vibrant acid and velvety dry tannins! The 2008 Georgie’s Walk was a combination of thirteen 700Kg(ish) batches sourced from the House on the Hill Block, the Horse Paddock Block and a little garnish from my brother's block in Bethany Road. Each ferment captured subtle variations produced as the soils vines and slopes changed on the different blocks. Extracting the very essence of Cabernet requires old fashioned elbow grease - hand plunging 3 times a day interspersed with careful chilling. Following 24 to 46 days on skins the ferments gave up their liquid gold to my Hypac Press before being filled into a combination of new and seasoned American Oak barrels for 40 months aging. 384 bottles of the 2008 Cellar Release Georgie’s Walk Cabernet has been re-released in November 2016 and each bottle and carton has been (as always) individually hand printed and wrapped with love by ‘Team david Franz. Enjoy and Cheers!