2009 Benjamin's Promise Shiraz - Cellar Release

There is so much more to Barossa Shiraz than the big jammy fruit bombs that seem to grab the high profile attention. Don’t get me wrong, these wines definitely have their place in the ‘book of shiraz’ it’s just that they are a chapter, rather than the whole story.

Six Bottle Case $600.00  |  Dozen Price $1140.00

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4.5Tonne, Picked in March 2009,
Sourced from individual patches of our Stonewell Hill and Stelzer Road Vineyards .
Total production 4200 bottles
360 Re-Released June 2019



Brooding deep rich red, bright rim


Milk chocolate over pure ‘Barossa plums’ with red liquorice and a hint of char,. youthful briar notes and hints of fragrant tea give a pretty and inviting nose


Ripe plums and red summer berries with lifted sour Cherry undertones, charry yeasty richness overlaid with red strap liquorice, milk chocolate, some earthiness and leather. The fine elegant tannins eventually run into a long lingering savory finish.


Mid 2014 and Ben is now a confident 13-year-old who each day reveals new facets of his character that honestly leave me more than a little proud. Trampolining is still the core of his existence; the rhythm of his training sessions is still marking the layout of each day. . . But as this year unfolds, Ben is proving he is much more than just a one-dimensional athlete. In South Australia, Year 8 is the first taste of High School, and the difference in my son from those junior school days to now is wonderful. I suspect the self-imposed discipline of his training regime is part of the answer, but the rest is the man he one day will become starting to unfold. Too often people make face value judgments on those around them, and if you were to do this to Ben, you would miss out on an incredible kid. His artistic side constantly blows my mind with the rich well of talent that surfaces time and again. Ben ‘sees’ the world from a position that is definitely outside of the ‘norm.’ It’s mainly because of his heart. Ben looks past the bad in life and invariably fixates on the humorous, light and good. Sure, he has his bad days - who doesn’t - but all in all his glass half full approach is something to behold. So, in this my latest snapshot for Ben I can say that things go very nicely for my eldest son.

The 2009 Cellar Release Benjamin's Promise Shiraz emerges from an intense year that crafted wines that I describe as having darkness at their core.. Following on from the trying conditions of the previous year’s big heat, yields were below average and flavours concentrated on the vine.. The Shiraz all ripened across our blocks within a very small window of picking and I remember long days of hand plunging and constant chilling like it was only yesterday. In total 18 small batches ( 550kg to 800kg ) were picked from our Stone Well Hill and Stelzer Roadblocks to provide the grapes for the 2009 Benjamin’s Promise. Each batch was hand plunged three times a day during ferment before being basket pressed after a total of 25-30 days on skins. The wine was filled with full lees to a mix of old and new French Oak for 36 months maturation. 360 Bottles have been Re-released in June 2019 of the 2009 Cellar Release Benjamin's Promise Shiraz, as a 10-year-old wine just entering its juvenile peak. Each bottle ( as always ) has been hand printed wrapped and packaged with care by the team at david Franz before wending its way to you.

Enjoy and Cheers!