2014 Benjamin's Promise Shiraz

Shiraz has gone from being a workhorse backbone to many fortifieds in years gone by, to being one of the great success stories of the modern wine making era. Perhaps nowhere as consistently as in the Barossa. Although some muttering can be heard that this star has peaked and that perhaps the gloss is wearing a little thin... I have to say I completely disagree! Barossa Shiraz has now (just this minute) entered it’s “interesting” stage and now more than ever before Barossa Shiraz has something Delicious to say to your mouth!

Six Bottle Case $300.00  |  Dozen Price $570.00

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Picked over fifteen days in late February early March 2014
Sourced from 19 individual patches of our Stonewell Hill Bultawilta & Stelzer Road Vineyards
Total production 2040 bottles


Brooding deep rich red, bright rim


Black Cherry interwoven with chary oak and red summer fruits. Undertones of Yeasty Complexity and the signature ‘Benjamin’s’ Violet lift give a rich and inviting aroma.


Bright intense Ripe plums and red summer berries interplay with Cherry ‘pinginess’. Chary yeasty richness overlaid with red strap liquorice, milk chocolate, some earthiness and leather. The fine elegant tannins and well balanced Oak structure underpin a long lingering fruit driven finish.


It’s beer o’clock (don’t mind if I do) on the 16th of October 2018. Daylight savings kicked in last week, and as I write the 2014 Benjamin’s Promise Label, we are getting some blessed rain. It’s been a bloody dry winter and while this drop is too late for the grain cockies, it’s timely indeed for the vineyards. It remains to be seen how the rest of our season will unfold, but I’m backing a small intensely flavoured crop on its way. Ben – at the time of writing – has two weeks left of his HSC; year 12 for those that’s know it by another name.  He only has this last push to go before the half blue face ‘FREEDOM’ moment of his schooling career. With a bit of luck, charging sword in hand through the High School faculty department isn’t on the cards for muck up day. Ben has focused on Art, Design, English and Cooking this year. After a bit of a shaky commitment phase early in the year, he’s knuckled down and I’m quietly betting he’ll pull 4 of a kind and they’ll all be picture cards when the results roll in. Ben leaves his parents standing at the gates when it comes to his artistic prowess and based on the meal I enjoyed a few weeks ago is no slouch in the kitchen either. English; well let’s just say the flair for verbal imagery doesn’t fall far from the tree. So, two short weeks and there’ll be one less packed lunch. End of an era for us… but Ben, he’s probably seeing it as the start of a new one… and so he should!

The 2014 Benjamin’s Promise Shiraz was nurtured in a year of generous beginnings, with the winter and spring giving us the best possible start. It was what I consider a ‘Proper Year’ as Easter was in late April and the Season was what you’d ask for if you could. I always use the Easter full moon date as a rule of thumb as to where the tail end of vintage will be happening and 2014 ran true to form. We picked all our Shiraz over a two (ish) week period from the 26th of Feb to the 14th of March which were given the ‘rummage of love’ in 19 different small batch parcels. As always, the fruit was taken from Sand, Loam and Clay across our Stone Well Hill Bultawilta and Stelzer Road Vineyards. Each small batch of Shiraz was hand plunged 3 times daily and spent between 25 to 32 days on skins. This extended skin contact is the secret to velvety tannins and the intense fruit drive that are the hallmark of the Benjamin’s Promise Shiraz. The ‘unstoppable’ but gentle Hypac basket press extracted every last drop of black gold from the skins which was then filled to new and seasoned French Oak Hogsheads on full lees for 27 months ageing before being racked to tank to settle. After final blending, 2040 bottles were filled (unfiltered) of the 2014 Benjamin's Promise Shiraz in March 2017. Each bottle ( as always ) has been hand printed wrapped and packaged with care by the team at david Franz before wending its way to you.

Enjoy and Cheers!