2015 Ricca Terra Farms Vermentino

A Sardinian Native transplanted to Barmera to produce fruit crafted in the Barossa… by cripes, it’s a long way to go for a drink… Luckily it’s as delicious as it is well travelled. A rich soft textural wine, screaming out for a Mediterranean  Anti-Pasto board and great friends to share it with.

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Picked March 8th 2015,
Single vineyard wine.
2 Tonnes picked from Ashley Ratcliff’s Ricca Terra Farms Barmera Block in the Riverland
1080 Bottles produced
Bottled 07/04/2016


Very Bright straw with hints of pale apple green.


Brisk seaside breeze on a lazy sunny day with a big basket of white peaches and preserved figs stacked next to fresh baked brioche


Textural and generous with poised acidity cleansing rich developed fruit. Citrus curd pie on the levy wall with a curious initial impression rewarded by mouth filling happiness.


Vintage 2015: its as busy as buggery when I get a phone call from Ash Ratcliff.

“Dave, I’ve got a couple of tonnes of Vermentino spare that I don’t want to go to waste. Would you be interested if we hand picked and delivered it to you..???”

“What do you want for it Ash?”

“Dave, I just don’t want to see it go to waste!”

“Bloody Oath!”

Thus was born an unplanned

Collaboration between david Franz and Ricca Terra Farms. Not being one to stand on tradition or

convention I chose to basket press straight to seasoned french oak barrels for unclarified, full solid

Fermentation and subsequent aging. After 12 months in wood with monthly Battonage and topping 1080 Bottles were filled and aged for release in Autumn 2017...And if you’re wondering - Why the Rooster with an Olive? That is a great question. Cheers! in a glass!