2017 Eden Edge

75% Riesling 25% Semillon

This wine brings the legendary Barossa white varieties, Riesling and Semillon proudly together. During vintage, Eden Valley Riesling slipped into the tub with Edge of Eden Semillon for a co-fermented spa party that 9 months later gave spectacular birth to this bottle of crispy goodness, chock full of juicy limes lemony citrus delight and tempered with a beguiling textural finish.

Dozen Price $250.80.00

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Riesling (75%): Mark Bartholomaus' High Eden Vineyard

Semillon (25%): John Schaefer's Long Gully Road Block

6400 Bottles produced


Very Bright light gold straw with hints of pale lime green.


Minerally limes and lemons underlaid with a light bready yeasty complexity


Bold crisp yet rich structure of ripe lemon lime curd with a dollop of sorbet. Firm and balanced acidity with a pleasing phenolic line over a full and delicious mid palate. Long on flavour yet light and lithe in the mouth. An excellent candidate for aging but brilliant in the first flush of youth.

Guaranteed to be a complex and rewarding drink!


The 2017 Eden Edge is my white blend. This crisp delicious wine brings together the two greatest (in my opinion) Barossa varieties in the one bottle - Riesling and Semillon.

Riesling grown by Mark Bartholomaus on his 'High Eden' - Eden Valley block forms the foundation of the 2017 Eden Edge. His fruit was Co-fermented with John Schaefer’s Long Gully Road Vineyard Semillon. Mark Bartholomaus's Block is located on the High Eden Ridge to the west of the Eden Valley township. Mark’s fruit is defined by its incisive structure chock full of juicy limes and citrus. John Schaefer’s vineyard is tucked back into the first folds of the Barossa ranges and their southern boundary is about 300m inside the Eden Valley GI. The Semillon sourced from their block have the a wonderful combination of soil location and ‘Citrus-y’ nuance that work beautifully with each other. When brought together, higher altitude Eden Valley line and drive creates the backbone the generosity of the Long Gully Road ‘garden’ fleshes out perfectly. Although almost 20km apart by the shortest drive, both these blocks share a common element that creates the music in your mouth. The hilly topography nurture and protect the vines in each different, but in their own way ideal combinations of position and soil. The Eden Valley Ranges capture and funnel cool moist air through the vineyards in the night while the days gather the warmth of late summer / early Autumn sunshine. Mix the elements together and shake them up and you have the essential ingredients for developing the delicious flavours that drive the Eden Edge. The 2016 Eden Edge was crafted with minimal intervention from fruit chock full of 'Crispy Deliciousness'. Basket pressing was followed by long cool slow co-fermentation of both varieties on full solids at low temperature. This blend spent around 5 months on lees before being racked in August and bottled in Mid October 2017.