2017 Gewürztraminer

- Evandale Estate Vineyards - Keyneton - Eden Valley -

Gewürztraminer, Funny name - Terrific taste! The 2017 Evandale Estate Vineyards Gewürztraminer capture the delight this variety brings to the table (and glass) with equal parts floral, acid and delicious richness all having a say.

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Picked March 30th 2017,
Single vineyard wine.
1.25 Tonne Picked from Bill Evan's Evandale Estate Vineyard
1080 Bottles produced


Very Bright pale straw with hints of pale apple green.


Fleshy green apple and lime over floral hints of musky rose petals all comfortably resting on a subtle savory bread-dough and cashew underlay


Textural fleshy mouth wraps seductively around a steely center of poised acidity. The counter balance of cleansing acid and generous fruit sits moreish-ly on the palate. tart apple and citrus curd vies with textural mouth filling brioche that Mandelbrot set like disappears into the etenal vanishing point like a stainless steel ice-pick in crackling sharp HD Definition.


- 27th Of March, 09:30 (ish) -

Busy as buggery; Phone Rings! “Dave, Saegy here, do you want some Eden Valley Traminer? Bill Evans has got a tonne or so left and he doesn’t want it to go to waste...”

- Dave's Inner Dialogue -

What?!? Traminer...??? Hmmmm, Dunno Much About... Oh, Hang On A Minute, Gewürztraminer... Always Wanted To Have A Crack At That...

- Dave's Outer Dialogue -

“Hey Saegy, Tell Bill, if it looks alright, then Bloody Oath!!!”

- Later That Afternoon -

”Looks alright Bill, I’m in!”

- A Day Or Two Later -

In it rolls; 1.25 tonnes of, hand picked blushing pink beauties.
Head down - bum up and before you know it, safely in the basket press for 24 hours of squish.

- Twenty Four Hours Later -

Free run, Pressings full solids and the kitchen sink; bunged it all in together before kicking off a low & slow fermentation.

- Nine And A Half Weeks later -

All the important bubbly bits done; Lid down tight & into the fridge for some textural healing... Bowchikkawowow

- Four Months Later -

1080 Be the number of mouths needed for each bottle to visit a unique thirsty hole!

- The Final Conundrum -

Why the Rooster with an Olive? That is an excellent question!

- Signing Off With Cheers ! -