2017 ‘Sticky’ Botrytis Semillon 500ml

To make truly great Botrytis you need truly challenging conditions and Plenty of patience... both from the grower and in the winery. The levels of concentration in this wine, intertwined with the awesome Botrytis characters have given forth a wine that conditions don’t often allow, but when they do is a tour de force!

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Harvested: 14th of May 2017.
Sugar at Harvest: 16.75 Baume
Residual Sugar: 156 g/Ltr
12 month Aging in French oak HogsHeads
Single vineyard wine.
Fruit sourced from John Holt's Moppa Vineyard


Deep gold with a hint of caramel toffee clinging to the edges.


Bang! Botrytis marmalade and pithy apricot orange intertwining candied lemons and honeyed kumquats


Candied lemon and mandarin peel. Tannic grip underpins and forgives unctuous opulent sticky richness. A gentle acidic line of Semillon poise gives both direction and tames the hell cat within. Icky Sticky Deliciousness on Steroids!


In 2017 I cast my eyes over the fast dwindling reserves of my Botrytis Semillon. There was a definite hint of concern in my heart. Not having a luscious sweet Semillon based finisher in our line-up was certainly not in the game plan. As luck would have it, John Holt had some Semillon hanging that was exactly what we were after. John is based in the Moppa which in the north western corner of the Barossa. His Semillon was semi-desiccated and because of the wet cool 2017 late vintage conditions chock full of Botrytis. John and I shook hands on the lot, and, with a close eye on the weather started playing the waiting game. On the 16th of May, with big rains forecast we pulled the grapes into the winery. As it turned out - just in time! After de-stemming, I treated the Semillon to cold open fermentation with chilling by pump over and plunging twice a day. Once the tannin structure was in balance, it was into the Hypac for a long slow basket pressing before transferring to tank to finish and settle. The 2017 sticky then spent 12 months in in French oak hogsheads at less than zero degrees Celsius to finish the flavour profile. It was bottled in early 2018 before being, hand printed hand wrapped and finding its way to you.