2018 bottling - Non Vintage Larrikin VII - Seventh Bottling

The Larrikin VII lives the spirit of the philosophy;
Why the Blend…?? It tastes good! Why non Vintage…?? It tastes good! Why do it at all… Because It BLOODY TASTES GOOD!! The Larrikin VII is the product of a lot of left of centre thinking some seriously good fruit and a scant regard for convention. The bottom line is (whimsy aside) it’s SERIOUS because it’s GOOD… But it’s not ‘Rocket Science’, it’s a bottle of wine. END OF STORY!!

Six Bottle Case $300.00  |  Dozen Price $570.00

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A fusion of 71.88% 2018, 5.2% 2017, (**note 2015/2016 No Larrikin Made) 9.2% 2014 | 13.7% 2013 to 2003 vintages
Shiraz 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 26%, Mataro 14%, Grenache 10%
1200 bottles Produced



Deep inky black with intense purple fringes lifting to hints of crimson brick on the meniscus.


Initially the nose is filled with fat rich aromas of spicy yeast buns redolent with plums. Soaring over these rich base notes is a heady combination of red berry compote layered with cassis and red currant finishing with a black boy rose petal perfume.


Rich yeasty plum pudding studded with preserved red berries and raspberry finishing notes. An intense mouth filling richness that lingers on and on combined with the intense fruit sweetness lift and project the flavours throughout the whole palate. The gentle suggestion of coconut vanilla from the American oak leaves the palate clean and uncluttered. Bold but beautifully balanced… not for those seeking a shy and retiring wine!!!


“What’s with the Non-Vintage Multi Varietals???” (I hear you ask) Well the Larrikin is all about flavour, texture, length... and the AWESOMENESS inherent in an unmanipulated multi Vintage Field blend - So, before you freak out...Drink what’s in the glass, not what’s in your mind... Actually I fully recommend you drink this bottle like you stole it!  

Humphrey, our 50kg French Mastiff is the Larrikin Poster Boy, because as a big boofy appetite on legs he embodies this Zen Like state. He doesn’t worry about justifying his life, he just exists in a fantastic microcosm of being; It’s what dogs do!

The Larrikin VII, well it Just Is!

Why the Blend...?? It tastes good! Why non Vintage...?? It tastes good! Why do it at all… IT BLOODY TASTES GOOD!! When all is said and done, the bottom line is it’s not ‘Rocket Science’, it’s a bottle of wine and it’s absolutely delicious.

The Larrikin VII is the product of a lot of left of center thinking some seriously good fruit and a scant regard for convention. Due to the topography of our various blocks, there are a few little patches of awesome Shiraz, Cabernet Mataro and Grenache  that in the past, tended to get thrown in with much larger parcels. It always seemed such a shame to let these tiny parcels disappear into ignominy, so I did something about it. I’ve long held a theory that to truly integrate the flavour of different varieties you have to get them all into bed together as soon as possible. Following this theory, I hand pick all these little blocks and get them bubbling away. Then I grab the cuvee I saved from the previous year and spray that over the top as well. Hallelujah the flavour train is pulling into the station!!! Fermentation is a combination of Pump over and plunge followed by basket pressing and Malolactic in tank on full lees. Post Malo it all goes into wood for six to eight months before bottling. A 900litre cuvee is tucked away so next year we can do it all again!

So, as I wrestle to get the heir apparent off my chest I offer you some final thoughts... Grab this bottle - fill a glass to the brim - AND without really thinking too hard, JUST ENJOY THE ABSOLUTE SHIT OUT OF IT!!