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Like generations of Australians who can’t imagine breakfast without a slice of Vegemite smeared toast, I just can’t imagine a summer evening without an ice-cold glass of Semillon. The 2021 Madiera Clone Semillon is exactly how I like to drink it; picked at the critical point where ascendant ripeness meets natural acidity.

6 Bottle Case $180 | Dozen Price $342

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2021 Madiera Clone Semillon - roughly half Grown in the Ebenezer Sand by the Kleinig Family and the other half grown in Vine Vale by David Neldner


Very Bright straw with hints of pale apple green.


Honeyed Wax Lemon and golden summer grass over hints of rich yeast and aromatic dried herbs


Zesty lemon curd pie with a smooth honeyed finish. Balanced fruit and textural mouth weight fill the mouth with the light delicate combination of pure varietals, herbal leaves and yeast complexity. The super light and clean palate lingers on beautifully leaving the mouth ready for the next sip.


There has been a quiet little extinction event taking place in the Barossa over the last 15 odd years that is pretty sad, but realistically necessary. This mass culling is of a variety near and dear to my heart, and unsurprisingly - given the bottle I’m penning these words upon - is Semillon. Now, you’re probably asking why on earth I’d see it as ‘necessary’ when it is a variety I so patently adore. The simple answer is two things. 1) There was too bloody much planted, in the wrong soil giving an ocean of ‘Vin Ordinaire’! 2) the vines being removed have on the whole started from the poorest quality producers and moved towards quality over this time. Right now, however, it’s time to call ‘UNCLE’ and save the rest. How? Simple - pay a PREMIUM price to the grower so they don’t want to pull it out and most importantly... Make it bloody delicious BAROSSA expressions of this variety so we all want to drink it. My choice is Madiera Clone Semillon, Grown lovingly on Sand!