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2022 returns the delightful handful of goodness to the david Franz drinking stable! Two of the prettiest most delightful aromatic varieties were kept to one side and carefully co-fermented to create a sweet, sexy seductive mouthful of YUM! Chilled down and smashed back with abandon the 2022 Pink Bits is unashamedly the Sweet Thing you've secretly been trying to get your cheeky little hands on!

Six Bottle Case $180 | Dozen Price $342

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James Lindner's Seppeltsfield Black Muscat interwoven through Cheree and Jim Boehm's Light Pass White Frontignac


Bright Pale Strawberry Bubblegum with seductive pink notes about the meniscus


Fragrant aromatic potpourri of all the aromatic muscat varietals - slipping effortlessly between roses and bubblegum  with that ever present Turkish delight; a cheeky urchin peeking out underneath


sweet, balanced and utterly PINK! Think Bubblegum, think strawberries think sof pink musk sticks... A generous fruit driven body finishing with a long lingering smear of raspberry sorbet. Best when fully chilled - in Summer pour over ice.


It's Pretty, it's Pink and it's tasty AF... how's that for a Philosophy!!