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To make a great Sticky you need truly challenging conditions and Plenty of patience... both from the grower and in the winery. The levels of concentration in this wine, intertwined with the awesome intensity only super ripening can bring have given forth a wine that conditions don’t often allow, but when they do is a tour de force!

Six Pack $180 / Dozen Price $342

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Botrytis Semillon
Region: Vine Vale, Barossa Valley
Grower: David Neldner
Harvested: 10th of May 2023
Sugar at harvest: 20.5 Baume
Residual sugar: 200 grams per litre
8 month Aging in French oak Hogsheads
Single vineyard wine.


Rich gold with a hint of caramel toffee clinging to the edges.


Bang! Marmalade and pithy apricot orange intertwining candied lemons and honeyed kumquats


Candied lemon and mandarin peel. Tannic grip underpins and forgives unctuous opulent sticky richness. A gentle acidic line of poise gives both direction and tames the hell cat within. Icky Sticky Deliciousness on Steroids!


It was one of those conversations, looking back, I wish I'd had years ago. David Neldner’s Semillon has been featuring in our Madeira clone for good reason. It’s quintessential Barossa floor fruit. A stunning argument for this variety being the Barossa Valley’s best on ground white variety, year in and year out. Please note, I’m referring to the Barossa Valley floor, as opposed to the heights of Eden Valley... Anyhoo, David and I came to an agreement to let the balance of his Semillon (that hadn’t been snapped up) hang, in the hope that we’d develop some of that delicious destruction - Botrytis. The ongoing temptation to pick earlier was strong, but we all held our nerve and on the 10th of May pulled the trigger. Yep, pretty crazy high baume - as these things can go - & the fruit was crazy intense and chock full of botrytis. After hand picking and destemming, the Semillon spent 11 very cold days on skins, open fermenting before being basket pressed to tank. Once the ultimate deliciousness point was reached, fermentation was stopped. Finishing the sticky was all about aged white french oak hogsheads for 8 months in the cold room. We bottled in mid March 2024, before hand printing, hand wrapping & sending it off to find its way to you. Cheers and enjoy!