2018 VP Crazy Shiraz Liqueur 500ml

method traditional and robust red wine inhabiting the same glass seems to leave the rest of the world a little confused. "you do what with what!??!! here in australia its one of our favourite gurgles. although it's traditionally made with shiraz there are a few mavericks like myself out there who like it a little different.

 Six Bottle Case 210 | Dozen Price $399.00

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Picked April 26th 2018,
1.4 Tonnes of House on the Hill Shiraz Grapes sourced from our Home Block & picked at 18.1° Baume.
Fortified with 24 Y. O. Tarac Brandy Spirit and Seppeltsfield Road Distillery Neutral Spirit.
Total production 1750 x 500mL Bottles


Intense Purple with almost flourescent bright intensity


Incredible mix of Old Brandy Spirit Rancio and Jammy Plum / Mulberry / Fig and Vanilla pod


A big intense, sweet mouth filling gulp of YUM! Powerful nutty woody brandy spirit with lifted rancio fire and spice. Rich mouth coating melody of stewed fruit black strap liquorice and face punching happy deliciousness.


Young or old, sometimes we just need to get a bit crazy. As an Aussie kid this was often the result of too much red cordial. The combination of the red raspberry colour and plenty of sweet, sweet sugar would pull the pins of the behavioural grenades. Raucous naughtiness and a boot up the arse was of course the result. Fast forward a bit, adulthood settles in and somehow, we come to believe we’re above such silliness... YEH RIGHT!!

Let me introduce you to the 2018 david Franz VP Crazy. It’s my adult equivalent of that childhood hyper juice. Lovingly crafted from rich ripe Barossa Shiraz it’s got heaps of that vibrant red colour, bonkers amount of Shirazy fructose and the best bit, a hefty slug of 25-year-old Brandy Spirited Alcoholic Awesomeness from the cellars of Tarac. If you can’t discover your Inner Crazy on this Adults Only Hyper Juice, you’d better check you still have a heartbeat.