2021 Pétillant Naturel ( Pet Nat )

- Method Ancestral - Naturel Fermentation - Barossa Valley - Multi Varietal

Six Bottle Case $180 | Dozen Price $342

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Riesling From our House On The Hill 'Dam Block' Vineyard. Crouchen from the 'Fencline Row' of our Stonewell Hill Vineyard joined with all the Free Run from Bartchy’s Nursery Block White Grapes (Pressings used in our Red Rose),
1800 Bottles Hand Filled and 'Shed Fermented'


Very Bright pale straw with hints of pale apple green.


Fleshy ripe Nashi Pear over yeasty brioche bun all comfortably resting on a subtle cashew nut underlay


Spritzy & textural full palate. It balances the richness and excitement of fleshy, slightly residual sweet fruit against the drying grip of gentle tannins and developing dryness. A true work in progress, these observations made at the start of December 2021, are probably going to be redundant by the time you're reading this as the 'Pet Nat' slowly finishes fermenting its way to dryness.


I love having a crack at different ways of making wine. To be honest, coming at this whole winemaking thing at an oblique angle is my default position. Generally, what happens, is I taste, hear about, or read something that gets me thinking and then like an irresistible itch, I just gotta have a go. Pétillant Naturel or Method Ancestral is the original way that sparkling wines were made. I presume they came about when someone had a bit of a reluctant ferment and a deadline for delivery to meet. Having played the claymore wine bottle game more than once over my career (the first Golden Scrumpy leaps to mind) I can only guess how exciting that early discovery must have been. Presumably, the development of pressure capable bottles happened around this time too. But I digress! I arrived at the decision to have a crack at a Pet Nat last year, crafting some orphan Riesling and Crouchen into what I’m proud to say wasn’t a bad drop at all. Round 2 in 2021 was where I decided to double down and really push this style. Utilising last years blocks as a base, I added the free run from all off Bartchy’s nursery block white grapes; to really lift the stakes. Each batch of fruit was destemmed straight into the basket press, and given the lightest, most civilised of hugs before being filled straight to an even half dozen old French Hogsheads. I let them kick off naturally, then popped them into the cold room to ferment low and slow until just the remnants of fermentable sugars remained. After cold settling, we racked and bottled as clear as possible, so low yeast loading would result in a benign (and gently fizzy) Method Ancestral ‘Pet Nat’. As we release, fermentation is still underway and right now it’s rich, a little sweet and an irresistibly delicious glass of funckilicious fun!