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Vintage 2011 was a year that ultimately sorted the wheat from the chaff in both the vineyard and winery. The true believers, who put in the effort and were willing to go the extra yard were richly rewarded with exceptional wines that are as unmistakable as they are delicious...

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Total production 384 bottles
Released August the 23rd 2023


Brooding deep rich red, bright rim


Black Cherry interwoven with chary oak and red summer fruits. Undertones of Yeasty Complexity and the signature Horse Paddock lift give a rich and inviting aroma.


Dark intense Ripe plums and red summer berries interplay with Cherry 'pinginess'. Chary yeasty richness overlaid with red strap liquorice, milk chocolate, some earthiness and leather. The fine elegant tannins and well balanced Oak structure underpin a long lingering savory finish.


The 2011 ‘Project Ghost' Shiraz was forged in a seminal year for the Barossa. We had one of the wettest years on record and certainly the most challenging since I was an eighteen-month-old, way back in 1974. 2011 was the year that truly opened my eyes to the direction in wine I’ve now been following the last 8 or so years. Dad always maintained that the Barossa was capable of great elegance and it took this vintage to drive this home. The grapes were bountiful with flavours not dense, rather lifted and perfumed. There was an unrelenting requirement for focus, detail and discipline in the vineyard, but those that rose to the challenge were rewarded with exceptional wines of purity and elegance. Those that know the Project Ghost understand that to earn this moniker the wine is a ‘secret’ parcel & a true jewel in the crown; this one is no exception! Two new French oak hogsheads of 2011 Horse Paddock Shiraz were identified, bottled separately and have been tucked away since 2014, and as always... it’s a fucking CRACKER!! Cheers and good drinking, dave.