2007 ‘Project Ghost’ Grenache Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2007 Project Ghost is a perfect representation of the 2007 Vintage, Tiny yields - intense fruit and most importantly - rolling with the reality right in front of you gives a reward that cannot be planned!

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Total production 192 bottles
Released April 2022


Aged deep 'Cherry Red' with red brick fringes


Initially the nose is filled with fat rich aromas of spicy yeast buns redolent with plums. Layered over these rich base notes is a delicate aroma of red compote of cherry with a satisfying aged complexity awesomeness.


Once the dusty notes and tightness of being jammed into a bottle for 12 odd years dissipates, remarkably rich yeasty plum pudding studded with preserved red berries and raspberry cherry finishing notes leaps up. An intense mouth filling richness that lingers on and on combined with the intense fruit sweetness lift and project the flavours past the heady complexity only great bottle age can develop. Bold but beautifully balanced… not for those seeking a shy and retiring wine!!!


The 2007 Project Ghost is a little slice of the intensity inherent in the 2007 vintage.  The wine is the product of; a dash of left of center thinking - a shake of some seriously good fruit - a nose lift to convention and ultimate faith in 'she'll be right!!'. Vintage 2007, The Old 1923 Planted Grenache block on our Stonewell Hill Vineyard cropped at an intense 0.75 tonne to the acre which meant that we only made 200 litres of Grenache that year. A similar result for our Horse Paddock Cabernet block saw 100 litres up for grabs. The inevitable result saw a 300 Litre Hogshead filled with the 2/3 Grenache 1/3 Cab Sauv blend for 3 years aging before bottling. This was followed by 12 more years hidden in the back of the shed. The Result; a fifteen year old beauty that definitely lives up to the ‘Project Ghost’ standard because... It's a fucking CRACKER!! Cheers and good drinking, dave.