2016 Alexander's Reward Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz

One of the truly great partnerships in the Barossa is the blending of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Whatever the proportions and regardless of whether Shiraz or Cabernet is dominant the synergy is unmistakable.At david Franz I'm pretty much always putting Cabernet Front and Center!

Six Bottle Case $300.00  |  Dozen Price $570.00

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The components for the 2016 Alexander’s Reward Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz all reached their peak ascendant ripeness point over a 3-week period from late February to Mid-March. The ‘House on the Hill’ Cabernet Sauvignon block 75% (which drives this blend) along with all the Shiraz blocks 25% were all sourced from our 'House on the Hill' and 'Stone Well Hill' Vineyards

Total production 1500 bottles - released June 2021


Deep dense red with hints of brick lingering around the meniscus.


spearmint perfume layered over black and redcurrant and summer berries. lifted vanilla oak blends back and is filled out with the complexity of the spicy French giving an beautifully balanced nose


The initial richness of the full raspberry characters are poised against the spearmint menthol over finely balanced against firm oak and fruit Tannins. Good acid against the fruit sweetness, cleanses the senses for a beautifully balanced mouthful.The middle palate is full of the of the big berry hit of Cabernet supported by the leathery richness of Shiraz. The long palate finishes with the deep bass complexity brought out by extended lees contact.


It’s the 28th of May 2021 – Funnily enough, a year and 2 days since I last sat down to do Alex’s Label. What an absolutely mind boggling 12 months it’s been; as I sit and write this label, celebrating both Alex and this 2016 Liquid Incarnation I get the feeling the end is in sight for this COVID19 thing. Here in the Barossa, nestled in our little piece of paradise, we have been insulated from so much that has beset the rest of the world. For the last 12 months (apart from the odd Hiccup) life has returned to a very good facsimile of ‘normal’. Vaccination is rolling its way across Australia with the glacial ineptness only a federal government run programme can achieve and personally I’m pretty optimistic that the only way from here is up! Alex has notched up another 12 months of milestones; Year 10 in high school – academically smashing it – his voice has broken – “FFS DAD!! ” And probably most importantly (by the time you read this) he’s grown taller than this old man... BASTARD!! As the ‘Orrery’ of life causes each member of the Lehmann family to follow their own orbit, Alex and I more often than not seem to be spending time together on our Pat Malone. Our conversations naturally revolve around food, flavour and the fulfilling of these two loves. Alex has always had an amazing palate and now as his joy in cooking evolves, we spend hours dreaming of where we’d go ad eat first when the international borders open. While Mexico is a strong contender… I think Japan is at the top of the list. Bottom line is we’re fanging for a feed somewhere we can’t go and we agree that is the worst part of this whole pandemic for us.

The components for the 2016 Alexander’s Reward Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz all reached their peak ascendant ripeness point in their own good time. Over a 3-week period, from late February to Mid-March the Shiraz trundled in, followed by the Cabernet Sauvignon is a very. Civilised fashion. My heart sang in 2016, as chasing lithe sexy structure (in our fruit) is my holy grail and the 2016 fruit took this to the next level! The lifted line of fruit purity that sang through the 2015 is literally in the next octave in the 2016 Alexander’s Reward. I know I often say this, but the 2016 is a real cut above! The 2016 Alexander’s Reward Cabernet Shiraz was created from small batch parcels drawn from Sand, Loam and Clay from both our Stone Well Hill and Stelzer Road Vineyards. Each batch was hand plunged three times a day during ferment before being basket pressed after a total of 24 days on skins. The wine was filled with full lees to a mix of old and new American and French Oak for 25 months maturation before being racked to tank to settle. After final blending, 1500 bottles were filled (unfiltered) of the 2016 Alexander’s Reward Cabernet Shiraz in January 2019. Team david Franz have as always finished the bottle with the hand printed love we would never let it leave home without.

Enjoy and Cheers!