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Shiraz has gone from being a workhorse backbone to many fortifieds in years gone by, to being one of the great success stories of the modern wine making era. Perhaps nowhere as consistently as in the Barossa. Although some muttering can be heard that this star has peaked and that perhaps the gloss is wearing a little thin... I have to say I completely disagree! Barossa Shiraz has now (just this minute) entered it’s “interesting” stage and now more than ever before Barossa Shiraz has something Delicious to say to your mouth!

Six Bottle Case $360.00  |  Dozen Price $684.00

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picked over a two and a half week period from the mid March 2018 to early April
Sourced from 30 odd individual patches of our Stone Well Hill & Stelzer Road Vineyards
Total production 5700 bottles


Brooding deep rich red, bright rim


Black Cherry interwoven with chary oak and red summer fruits. Undertones of Yeasty Complexity and the signature ‘Benjamin’s’ Violet lift give a rich and inviting aroma.


Bright intense Ripe plums and red summer berries interplay with Cherry ‘pinginess’. Chary yeasty richness overlaid with red strap licorice, milk chocolate, some earthiness and leather. The fine elegant tannins and well balanced Oak structure underpin a long lingering fruit driven finish.


First day of Vintage – February 2nd 2024 and as I sit down to pen this label, fittingly, I’ve just handed the controls of the forklift to Ben to have his first crack at tipping grapes into the destemmer. Now, I’m definitely not saying that I choose to walk away and write the label because my patience doesn’t extend to teaching… it just worked out that way. His older sister Georgie, veteran of what will now be her 4th vintage at home - is certainly better at imparting the wisdom than me… I suspect she doesn’t suffer from Dad Rage! Ben filled my heart with the same sort of joy his sister did, late last year when he asked if he could come on board and learn about the vineyards. Absolutely! My attitude towards the kids is the same one Marg and Pete raised us with; there’s no expectation to come home to work, just a hope that they can find something love and have a red hot go. But… should you decide that jumping on board with the family is what you want - well then; ‘welcome home and welcome aboard!’ Since January, Ben has thrown himself into the vineyard work with gusto and his trademark ‘smile fuelled’ enthusiasm. Nick Schmidt, his mentor and the david Franz Vineyard ‘vine whisperer’ is guiding him down the right path, and I’m confident Benny will have all his smooth edged and polish knocked off in no time! So, two down and one to go; me heart sings!

This – the 2018 - is the sixteenth release of the Benjamin’s Promise Shiraz and it is a quintessential david Franz expression of what Barossa Shiraz should be! The 2018 vintage was to my mind was a ‘proper’ Barossa year. Soil profiles were nicely ‘topped up’ with moisture and a gentle paced growing season saw the Bultawilta and Stone Well Hill blocks picked in mid-March, followed by the Horse and House Block Shiraz at the start of April. Each small batch of Shiraz was hand plunged 3 times daily and spent around 30 days on skins. The ‘unstoppable’ but gentle Hypac basket press extracted every last drop of black gold from the skins which was then filled to new and seasoned French Oak Hogsheads on full lees for 25 months ageing before being racked to tank to settle. After final blending, 5700 bottles were filled (unfiltered) of the 2018 Benjamin's Promise Shiraz in November 2021. Each bottle ( as always ) has been hand printed wrapped and packaged with care by the team at david Franz before wending its way to you!

Cheers and Enjoy