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When it comes to varietals and wine, deep down inside I reckon each one of us has a favorite; Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon is undoubtedly mine. It is as unique and distinctive as the more famous Shiraz, But for me, there is so much more going on. The flavour spectrum encompasses an absolute treasure box of liquorice, red and black summer berries, anise fennel spice box and chocolate. In my (biased) opinion, few things can match the poise of full flight Barossa Cabernet...

Six Bottle Case $750.00  |  Dozen Price $1425.00

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10 small open ferments ranging in size from 470Kg to 770Kg from our ‘Home Blocks - House on the Hill, Horse Paddock and Bultawilta
Total production 2400 bottles
384 Re Released September 2023


Rich and deep red with a brooding dark core


Great Barossa Cabernet varietals - Piercing red berry and black currant over dark chocolate, liquorice savory leather and cedar notes. Plenty of fragrant dark fruits.


Vibrant cassis and savory strap liquorice. Rich mid palate with gentle warmth and fine elegant tannins. Great length with a slathering of rich lingering chocolate flavours coating the mouth


Ahh youth… if you could bottle it you would… in fact sometimes I reckon youth is wasted on the young ! Georgie however has used her youth ticket to the max. She’s never been one to do things by half… for instance her gap year somehow managed to be eighteen months ! During that time, she worked hard to earn travel (and a bit of party) money. But she didn’t just frivolously fritter her time away… no siree. In June 2017 she came home to Mt Lehmo and was the lynchpin of success when we finally opened the david Franz Cellardoor. In the six or so months that she ran point on our new little venture her spirit, heart and ability to make everyone feel welcome was the secret of our early success. Her attitude coupled with that x-factor hospitality gene (that you either have or you don’t) was the foundation that, along with Nicki, determined how the david Franz Cellardoor would welcome visitors to the Barossa. Apparently, there is slightly more to hospitality than just saying g’day and filling them full of piss… even though that seemed to work for me. So now, Georgie has just started a course that you would swear was tailor made for her. The International College of Hotel Management. This is the same course Nicki was doing when I met her all those many years ago. Georgie’s already kicking goals and as the first Alumni & I’m certain she will do us all proud !
Our three home Cabernet Sauvignon blocks; House on the Hill, Horse Paddock and Bultawilta is where the Georgie’s Walk starts its journey to your glass each year. While ‘Cab Sauv’ is far from synonymous with the Barossa, it’s the dark horse the initiated value above all else - yours truly included. In the leadup to 2013, the growing and ripening season was slightly drier than average. The resultant lighter than normal crops, coupled with an early Easter saw us picking intense, small berried black gems in mid-March. Even though this was almost a month earlier than when we’d normally pick, we found that the Cabernet was chock full of everything we wanted and plenty more!
In 2013, I handmade 10 small open ferments ranging in size from 470Kg to 770Kg. Each batch was hand plunged three times a day during ferment before being basket pressed after a total of 45-47 days on skins. The wine was then filled with full lees to a mix of new and seasoned American oak for 36 months maturation. In 2023, 600 bottles have been re-released of the Cellar Release 2013 Georgie’s Walk Cabernet Sauvignon. Team david Franz have as always finished the bottle with the hand printed love we would never let it leave home without.
Enjoy and Cheers!