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November 2023; The release of the second Non Vintage Red Rosé in the form of the 2022 cuvee, brings the Red Rosé to new vinous heights. Not only are the grape based components of this vibrant wine counted to an epic ‘One Hundred and Eight’ but now they also encompass a jaw opening six different vintages! Best of all... it tastes AWESOME!!

Six Bottle Case $180 | Dozen Price $342

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Production (2022):

50% Ex Barrel Cuvee consisting of 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 2017 Vintage Productions, held back and blended together and Barrel co-fermented with 50% 2022 Production. Bottled in January 2023 after the Cuvee spent 10 months 'Coming Together' in Barrel.


Perfectly Raspberry with seductive salmon notes about the meniscus


Delicious ripe raspberries and toffee apples soar gracefully over a potpourri of fragrant rose petal , Turkish delight with a cheeky hint of yeasty autolysis and harmonious oak peeking out underneath


Emulating a perfect raspberry and red current crush with lovely tight acidity leading through a generous fruit driven body finishing with a long lingering smear of lime and butterscotch sorbet. The rich floral characters of the Aromatic Varieties give an implied middle palate sweetness that is fully cleansed by the slightly sweet but crisp finish. Best when lightly chilled.


I present for your nose enticing, palate exciting consideration; the second ‘Non Vintage’ iteration of the david Franz Red Rosé - Cuvée 2022! A Wall of Sound, Symphonic coming together of one hundred and eight vinous components, six different years all co-fermented into a wine of mind-bending awesomeness. Why?!? A combination of Future Proofing the Red Rosé legacy against climate change along with the ongoing quest to build ever more complexity into this iconic wine, is why! We’ve intertwined our ‘held back’ 2021 cuvée with the amazing Melange of the 2022 Vintage Fruit. The process, whilst a little complex has simplicity at its heart; Pump the barrels of the 2021 held back blend over the freshly hand-picked and destemmed Fruit, then let sit for a few weeks really cold to build volume. Press then ferment! The result: simply delicious.
But let me back it up a little for those who are just discovering the Red Rosé one hundred and eight varieties. Yep, you read right - more than one hundred different varieties have been co-fermented to create this suicide vest of flavour. “But Dave,” I hear you say, that seems not only unlikely, but perhaps untrue! Well, dear sceptical drinker, what you hold in your hand is proof irrefutable that ‘au contraire’, it is not only possible but absolutely magnificent as well! The cornerstone of this unlikely blend is Kevin Bartsch’s Langmeil Road Nursery Block. The Genetic library from which even today you can source esoteric and unknown table grape cuttings. Our Stonewell Hill block supplies a much more modest array from the old patch of 1923 planted mixed varietals plus a bit of old school Crouchen. Seppeltsfield’s finest Black Muscat is wrangled from Jimmy Lindner’s Radford Road Block. The final component from our Stelzer Road block is a ‘SaltnPepper’ grind of Barossa Floor Riesling. The Non Vintage Red Rosé 2022 Cuvée embraces my artisanal soul and experimental curiosity together in the one bottle. This veritable cornucopia of varieties & years creates a layered and textural rosé that is a tour de force of aromatics and textured nuance bursting with drinkability and flavour! Cheers and Enjoy!