2021 Cuvee Non Vintage Nicki's Symphony No.3 Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2021 Cuvee of the Non Vintage 'Nicki's Symphony no.3 celebrates my wife, Nicki & Cabernet Sauvignon all in the one bottle. Barossa Cabernet is one of the dark horse varieties of this wonderful region... loved most by those who value taste above staid convention. Non Vintage, Non Traditional but completely awesome!

Six Bottle Case $180 | Dozen Price $342

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Crafted entirely from fruit sourced from our home blocs 'Horse Paddock' and House on the Hill Cabernet Sauvignon on the home block on Stelzer Road. 76% 2021 | 16% 2020 | 8% 2018


Deep Red


Blackcurrants, raspberries and cherries interwoven with dark mocha chocolate  fennel seed and red licorice.


Rich mouth filling palate pleasing deliciousness. The bright fresh youthful red and purple fruits sit center stage and as the palate widens, deeper darker aged characters become apparent. While light on its feet it still has oodles of Barossa goodness a-plenty.


 Nicki is my beautiful better half - the ying to my yang - the heart to my head & the girl to my boy. Nicki is my wife, my life, my crazy chook loving green thumby piano playing partner in crime. Nicki makes me a better man because she is a better woman. She and i walk our paths; sometimes together, sometimes apart, but always we meet back in the middle. To celebrate to all that which is Nicki. Only one constant in wine has filled her cup most, and that is what brings joy to us both. Cabernet Sauvignon from the foot of our hill with multiple years speaking the vibrant deep delicious woman that is my shining light. Like the life that she lives, Nicki's Symphony no.1 is a bottle by bottle celebration of life affirming goodness that can only bring your heart to a much nicer place.