2021 Schaefer Single Barrel Eden Valley Semillon

Like generations of Australians who can’t imagine breakfast without a slice of Vegemite smeared toast, I just can’t imagine a summer evening without a glass of Semillon. The 2021 Schaefer Single Barrel Semillon is a sideway's step of my usual offering - slightly rich & a little creamy but with a great line of acid... definitely another reason to LOVE Semillon!

6 Bottle Case $210 | Dozen Price $399

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2021 Schaefer Single Barrel Eden Valley Semillon - 300 litres of free run sourced from John Schaefer's Long Gully Road Vineyard. 384 bottles made.


Very Bright straw with hints of pale apple green.


Honeyed Wax Lemon and golden summer grass over hints of rich yeast and aromatic dried herbs


Creamy lemon curd pie with a smooth honeyed finish. Balanced fruit and textural mouth weight fill the mouth with the light delicate combination of pure varietals, herbal leaves and yeast complexity. The super soft and clean palate is filled out with the richness of gentle oak complexity.lingers on beautifully leaving the mouth ready for the next sip.


Those that know me, understand my pathological love for this variesty. It just makes so much sense. It has the same heritage and availability of Ancient to Old Vine material as our most revered Shiraz vineyards here in the barossa. As a white variety, few can match the suitibility evidenced time and again in the glass for Semillon grown on the Barossa floor and ranges. White many look to the mediterranean of white wine inspiration of the future, I proudly stand beside out amazing Barossa Floor nurtured Semillon vineyards and hold forth the greatest argument I can muster... DRINK SEMILLON - ITS FUCKING DELICIOUS!!

The Schaefer block sits right on the border of Eden Valley and Barossa Valley. The fruit from this block overlooks the Long Gully Road vineyard owned by Steve and Bec Falland which created the Epytomous wine I've learned my true love for this variety on. In 2021, the fruit was something special and I decided to keep a hogshead of Free Run seperate and let it do its thing all alone. After filling the juice to barrel, we allowed nature to take its undeniable course and ferment to kick off spontaneously. Once it was bubbling away, the barrel was lodged into the back of the coldroom to quitetly do its thing. Then, once primary was mostly done, pulled out and allowed to complete malo (mostly) as well.

Post fermentation, it was sealed up and spent 12 months on lees before bottling and being released at the start of November 2022.